Nnini TOURS is a 100% black owned woman travel management business founded in 2007. We offer comprehensive services including door to door airport shuttle services, group transfers and township tours. We also offer Adventure  Gateway and Accommodation bookings.

We have established ourselves as a recognizable travel services provider and we have grown to become a trusted partner in travel and travel management services throughout South Africa and beyond.

Our clientele is wide and diverse; we have supplied travel management services  to numerous departments such as the Department of Social Development, Department of Sports, Arts and Culture , Department of Safety and our local Municipality. We strive to build long term relationship with clients through our superior service. We always provide the best, safe and timely client travel experience  compliance.

Nnini TOURS is fully compliant with all Tax Tourism Permit, regulatory and legal laws required for running of Tour Operating Business, this includes Labour Practise ,Transportation, Safety, Accounting and Tax regulations.